Fleets expected this year: Stiletto – Peter Wormwood with “Deuce Coupe” is expected to defend his Stiletto Champion 2010 title.  Corsair – 1st place 2009 & 2007, Kathryn Garlick with her Corsair 28R “Evolution” is reappearing after a year hiatus.

It is expected Skip Kaub to defend his title in the Hobie Wave class and Bruce Matlack in the Windriders.  This year, Meade Gougeon might bring the Weta fleet alive.  Randy Smyth has committed to being there, yet to make an appearance at this regatta. Will he make it this year?

Other boats expected: Formula, Hobie, Nacra, GCat, ACat, and a variety of other multihulls.

Come Sail !

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